It's 2002, I'm 15, my lipgloss is poppin' and my glitter-game is on point. Okay not quite but back in my teen and early adult years I loved me some lipgloss & shimmer. I had the roller-ball gloss, ones that tasted like "fruit" and I felt extra fancy when I got ahold of the Victoria Secret ones with gold shimmer in them. I mean who couldn't resist a shiny pout? I would slather it on but being careful not to look like I ate greasy chowmein as we say in Guyana. There was an art to wearing gloss and glitter or at least I liked to think that as a teen.

Oh how I love a good shimmer. My most prized glitter was one I received as part of a perfume set. It was called Fetish (very suitable for an early teenager, don't you think?) and was a sort of golden body glitter. I would rub it on my collar bones aka decolletage and arms when going out and you couldn't tell me anything! I had glitter gel for my hair as well and even sneaked my sister's shimmer powder (she still gives me the side-eye about it) because I was all about that JLO glow!   


My visit to Glossier should come as no surprise to you now. I've been meaning to go for quite some time and finally got around to it last week. 

When I entered, I immediately fell in love with the pink decor and displays. The orchids and roses smelled heavenly and it wasn't super crowded. By the time we left it was crowded but the bestie and I had ample time to walk the room and try several products.

The first product I tried was part of the balm dotcom collection. It was the birthday cake one and I proclaimed (out loud) I was going to try on the unicorn poop 🦄 💩.  As I squeezed it out the tube, I literally sucked my teeth (Guyanese style) and told my friend that I used to DIY this as a teen with Vaseline and glitter. We both laughed but when I tried it on, I really liked it. I think it was the nostalgia coupled with the fact that the product wasn't sticky and smelled like cake. I tried the lipgloss on after this and liked that as well.  

I sampled a few other products and wasn't really feeling them as much. My friend made me try boy brow for fun and it was a hell no for me. I don't use any brow products and it looked really weird. I wiped it off immediately but if you're into doing your brows, perhaps you'll like it. 


Overall my makeup routine is pretty simple and I like keeping it that way. I'm not one to face-beat or strobe but like my Mom, I love some rouge/bronzer, lipstick, mascara and eyeliner on occasion. The products I purchased from Glossier fit that bill and are easy to use. I really like that it's reminiscent of my sparkly teenage years, yet gives a kind of dewy, natural look. 


I think this is the face you make when you have unicorn poop on your eyelids and cheeks as well as a lip full of chowmein grease.