Hello darlings! I took a tiny break for the first week in the new year to handle a few personal things and while the time off was necessary, I’ve been itching to get back to posting on the blog. With the new year ahead of me, I’m looking to implement some fresh changes around here including a schedule for my posts. I think that will help me deliver content you desire in a more streamlined way and reduce any guesswork about when new posts go live. It’s a challenge I want to take on but I don’t want to over-commit so I’m anticipating sharing new blogs every Monday and Friday with the potential for a new type of entry on Wednesdays. I’ll keep you updated on that piece as I iron out the details but for now kindlt expect a new blog post every Monday and Friday. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well for exclusive content on other days.

Now with that said, I’d like to bid you an official Happy & Prosperous 2019. I know this new year will bring you many blessings and now without further delay let’s get to chatting about the swimsuit slay that made you click into this post in the first place!


I have an affinity (coughs and reads affinity as addiction) to swimsuits. Heck, if it’s something that can be worn in a tropical climate, you bet I’ll have a lil collection going but recently I’ve started to cut back on spending as I look to accomplish some bigger life goals (sips cocktail and cries into my adult bowl of ramen about all the vintage I’m missing out on) so I’ve been re-mixing more items from my closet, including this swim combo I wore on my recent semi-solo trip to Nairobi.

More to come on my Africa trip pretty soon but if you’ve been following me for a little you might remember me rocking my leopard two piece in Colombia and my retro rose-print bikini in Aruba.

If your memory fails or you’ve never seen the suits before below is a quick refresher!

While styling this time I decided to go for a little twist on the flamenco-flair version from Aruba; replacing my single red hair rose with my DIY simple orchid hair crown. To tie everything together, I accessorized with a pair of matte black monstera leaf earrings, tortoise sunnies, a bold red lip, beaded Maasai bangles and my vintage leopard robe as a  coverup.

As with normal outfits, mixing swimsuit separates as well as adding a few accessories can offer a fresh take on pieces you may have gotten bored with it forgotten about. So next time you’re  planning your next trip to the beach, pool or your next vacation, take a shopping trip to your closet and see what you can mix and match but of course, if you really like this combo, feel free to shop the look in my widget at the end of this post. All items are very reasonable and won’t break the piggy bank. 😊


p.s. I had some trouble with my camera while shooting a few looks on my trip so I ended up turning limes into swank (Guyanese limeade) and used my phone’s camera instead. Hope you don’t mind too much!