Happy almost weekend! It's been a while since my last Shop & Tell so today I'm beyond excited to bring you a new entry featuring Sister Golden. I came across this shop a couple years ago and was immediately captivated by all the Frida portraits made entirely of foliage! Mind blowing right?!  

The shop is owned by mother and daughter duo Vicki (mom) and Brooke (daughter) who launched Sister Golden back in 2014 as an online shop. The shop featured a small selection of handcrafted products and Vicki's colorful art prints as well as her Balancing Mother Nature™ art pieces

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I love my head-wraps and turban headbands and if you've been keeping up with me, you definitely know this to be true.  Earlier this year I wrote an article highlighting the history behind African head-wraps in the US and today I want to share one of my favorite head-wrap shops with you.

I first discovered Shop Fe-Line on Instagram and It was love at first sight. I like to refer to myself as the print mixologist and let me tell you these wraps and headbands are what a print-mixologist's dreams are made of. The owner, creative director of this shop has a way with prints my words do them no justice so let's jump right in to hearing from XYZ

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