I recently shared this blog post with you from my Aruba vacation and promised to share more about my layered tassel earrings. Today I'm excited to keep my promise and share the details and more with you!


To know me is to know I Iove tassels and pom-poms! They're right up there with elephants and flamingos and I even have a hashtag for them! Some of the first jewelry pieces I designed and made as a teenager incorporated tassels and they were an integral part of my 2009 accessory collection available in my Etsy shop. 

If you're not familiar, Etsy is a global marketplace for creative entrepreneurs with a focus on handmade, vintage items and creative supplies. 

I closed my shop a few years ago but still use Etsy as a resource for craft supplies, vintage pieces and to discover new artisans. 

One day while searching on Etsy for tassel/pom-pom supplies for a DIY project (coming soon) I came across a listing of colorful pom-poms by a shop called Siam Hill Tribes


I was immediately captivated by the vibrant hues and clicked to view the full shop. To my delight, the shop also carried ready-made tassel and pom-pom accessories and before you could blink my cart was full of craft supplies and jewelry.  

I've shared a few of my pieces on Instagram before and after ordering quite a few times with excellent service, I decided it would be great to learn more about this shop and share that with you!


Siam Hill Tribes is a handmade accessory business specializing in unique pieces made out of tassels & pompoms.

The business is located in Thailand and is owned by Siri Suwannapa. Siri works with Saengjing Namyee, a maker/curator for the shop as well as Bell Piya (Siri's cousin) who's in charge of product photography, sourcing materials as well as packaging and shipping of the orders. Together, their team delivers quality handmade products with excellent customer service. 

Now enough from me. Let's hear from Siri herself!  

Remember, "Never Kiss & Tell but #DoShopAndTell!" 

 Could you share the story of how you got started with Siam Hill Tribes? 

I have always loved handmade accessories! I don’t like the ones that are branded and mass produced, so about a year ago I started making earrings out of vintage Hmong Hill Tribe fabric and everybody loved them so I thought maybe I could really sell these!

Why did you choose Etsy as your e-commerce platform? 

I did my research and found that Etsy was a good place to sell my handmade items. 

There are so many types of jewelry and accessories,why did you decide to make and sell tassel and pom-pom accessories specifically? 

I love bright colors! There are more than 150 cotton yarn colors to choose from to make the tassels, over 100 colors for the acrylic yarn for the pom poms and many different kinds of beads. With all these materials, I can create so many unique items and styles! They'll never get boring!

With the uptick in tassel and pom-poms accessories trending this year, how do you differentiate your products in the marketplace? 

I tend to use mostly bright colors but my customers can customize their pieces by choosing the colors they like for their accessories. The prices of my accessories are also affordable. 

Tell us something about you/your business that’s not on your Etsy ’s About page

It's so much fun creating these accessories, especially the tassels earrings. I think I could make 2-3 new styles every day if I had more time! Each pair is made with extra care and the quality has to be the best before I ship them. Small details are very important to me because this is what I call Beauty! It makes me very happy when people love my accessories and are beautifully wearing them :)

Shopping with Siri has been an absolute pleasure for me! She's very customer focused and her handmade pieces are beautiful and made with great attention to detail. The quality is excellent and the packaging is super cute and eco-friendly!  

Be sure to check out her shop and follow them on Instagram as well as Facebook

You've probably seen some of these looks before but feel free to scroll to see how I style some of my favorite pieces from Siam Hill Tribes. 



I love wearing these in the Winter for some tropical-glam.


I think I got the last pair of these Pyramid Recycled Hmong Embroidered Earrings with Orange tassels from the shop but Siri is always adding new creations so be on the lookout. Here are a few similar styles featuring Hmong fabric as well as pom-poms.  

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