Last Summer, I was elated to participate in my first BuzzFeed feature that highlighted 20 outfits inspired by the one and only Frida Kahlo. I was ecstatic to be a part of this piece as I adore Kahlo's art and what she embodied.

As I thought about what I'd wear for that shoot, I knew flowers would be essential but I didn't want to go the traditional route with a flower crown so I pulled out one of my favorite vintage floral dresses. The response to this dress was overwhelming as everyone loved it and today I'm happy to share the vintage shop where I purchased this piece and more. 


Every time I've shopped from The Kissing Tree Vintage I've had a great experience with Jessica, the owner of this amazing vintage shop. The vintage selection is extensive with many beautiful dresses and skirts and the images are always vibrant and detailed. I could go on and on about this Etsy shop but let's hear from Jessica herself!


I always try to style the items to make them look modern, something a girl would wear today or that could be sold in stores ~ JESSICA

Tell us about how you got started with The Kissing Tree Vintage?

The Kissing Tree Vintage was created in February 2010. Originally it started as a side job for me to do right after my daughter was born. I wanted some income while also being able to stay home with her. It grew very quickly to a 2 person team ( my husband and I ) that has supported our family for 7 years. We have shipped to over 100 different countries and currently have over 1500 items for sale in our shop, every piece being unique and handpicked and styled on a model. 

Why did you choose Etsy as your e-commerce platform?

We started on EBay but quickly wanted to reach more customers so decided to double list our items on Etsy. Etsy is so seller-friendly, especially in comparison with EBay.

How do you use social media to drive awareness for your shop? Do you have a favorite social platform? If so, can you tell us what that is and why?

Instagram and Facebook are the only social media platforms we use. Instagram is definitely my favorite! Many times I will post an item on instagram that was just listed and within 5 minutes it sells. It's also great to promote sales we have around the holidays. 

There are so many vintage shops here on Etsy, how do you differentiate your products in the marketplace?

I always try to style the items to make them look modern, something a girl would wear today or that could be sold in stores. Some items are trickier than others but staying on top of the trends and adding a pair of shoes that are in style can do wonders! 

Tell us something about you/ your business that’s not on your Etsy’s About page.

We are a husband/wife team. I source and photograph the vintage and also do social media - my husband does everything else. Listing, packaging, shipping, messages etc. So although my name appears on almost everything - my husband does most of the grunt work!

A big thank you to Jessica for sharing more about her vintage shop with us! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop & follow along on Instagram for exclusive access to new pieces!

See how I styled another one of my absolute favorite vintage dresses from The Kissing Tree Vintage below and be sure to scroll to the end for my curated selection of a few current favorites (available for purchase). HAPPY VINTAGE SHOPPING!