It's 2002, I'm 15, my lipgloss is poppin' and my glitter-game is on point. Okay not quite but back in my teen and early adult years I loved me some lipgloss & shimmer. I had the roller-ball gloss, ones that tasted like "fruit" and I felt extra fancy when I got ahold of the Victoria Secret ones with gold shimmer in them. I mean who couldn't resist a shiny pout? I would slather it on but being careful not to look like I ate greasy chowmein as we say in Guyana. There was an art to wearing gloss and glitter or at least I liked to think that as a teen.

Oh how I love a good shimmer. My most prized glitter was one I received as part of a perfume set. It was called Fetish (very suitable for an early teenager, don't you think?) and was a sort of golden body glitter. I would rub it on my collar bones aka decolletage and arms when going out and you couldn't tell me anything! I had glitter gel for my hair as well and even sneaked my sister's shimmer powder (she still gives me the side-eye about it) because I was all about that JLO glow! 

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The long 4th of July Holiday weekend is almost here and I'm looking forward to some much needed rest & relaxation. Work has been pretty intense these past couple of weeks and so it will be much needed for me.

The city usually starts clearing out mid-week and by the time the weekend rolls around, it practically ghost town. This makes it the perfect opportunity (in my opinion) to have a sweet picnic in the park.  

I'm sharing some picnic essentials & a retro-fab 4th of July look after the jump so be sure to click through!  

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A few weeks have passed since my Aruba trip and it's now starting to heat up in NYC! When we got back from Aruba, we were welcomed by hot summer-like weather which made me very happy. It felt as though I had brought the good weather back with me, however, a day later NYC reminded me of who she was. It got chilly again!

Yes folks, my space heater, furry bedroom slippers and coat were in full effect again and I was bummed. Now, a couple weeks later, we're starting to feel the heat and all I can do is think about the sun, sand and all the fun Mildred had getting ice-cream.

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Two weeks ago, Stef whisked me away to Aruba to celebrate my 30th birthday, tropical-style! Yes, #KrystlesVintageThirty was in January but we're celebrating all year long (Beyonce diva-style) and it was time for #KrystlesTropicalThirty! 

If you can't tell by now, I LOVE Flamingos! F to the L to the A to the... okay we might be here for a while if I continue. Seriously guys these beautiful pink birds have a special place in my heart, yet I'd never seen them in person until now!

I've linked to some cute Flamingo beach wear so continue reading to get your Flamingo Friday on! 

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It's been about two weeks since my trip to Aruba and I'm currently sitting in the restaurant of a super cold Upstate NY hotel writing this post and day-dreaming of sunshine, beaches and flamingos! I met my darling pink babies in person for the first time but before I start gushing about them (I'll do that in a separate post) let's stay on track with the happy island.

Continue reading to get my full recap on Aruba! 

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It's going up to 80 degrees today in NYC and feels like we've skipped Spring and jumped right to Summer! I'm not complaining because I love the warm weather and any excuse to leave my coat where it belongs; in the closet! I plan on soaking up some sunshine today and if you're anywhere warm & sunny, I hope you do too.

It's the perfect day to step out and have a scoop or two or three because what's an 80 degree day without sweet treats?

This look is inspired by my all time favorite dessert and incorporates a few pieces I rocked last Spring.

Continue reading to get all the details and see how you can re-create this sweet look!

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I celebrated my 30th birthday with a 4 day weekend full of activities and you know I had to bring the outfits out! I shared Part 1 of my Vintage Thirty and now I want to share Part 2 with all my looks as well as the places I visited. 

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Yaaasssssss!!!! I turned 30 this month and had a blast doing so. I planned on sharing this post sooner but between all the birthday celebrations and work, I had no time to do so until now.

Honestly, I'm super tired and have a ton of work to complete for LinkedIn, and some things to tend to for Mom so I'll keep this post short and sweet on the words and heavy on the images. I have another piece I want to share with you but will do so when I'm not trying to do 100 things at once. 

Now you're probably wondering why Krystle's Vintage Thirty, so let me explain. If you couldn't tell, I LOVE VINTAGE. Now besides my deep love, something usually becomes vintage after about 25 years, so I waited 5 more years after turning 25 to ensure I was in the clear. I don't actually think this refers to people but hey, it's my birthday and I make my own rules, damn it! Now even a Vintage Thirty wouldn't be complete without tropical flavor, after all my name is Krystle DeSantos! Now let's dive into some of the images from my 30th birthday weekend. 

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The weather is cooling down here in NYC but summer isn't over just yet! I'm in denial because summer is my absolute favorite season! I wanted to go out with a tropical bang before fall officially starts so today I'm sharing this look with you. I hope it gives you all the summer feels and tropical vibes as much as NYC can give! 

Continue reading to get more deets on this look and find out about this cute Cha Cha spot! 

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Hey hey! Happy weekend!!! Mildred visited Coney Island a few weeks ago and found herself having a little dance party near the art walls. Here's a quick video I snuck of her prancing around to "Heart of Glass" by Blondie! That was not the actual song playing in the background but like Beyonce, #MildredAlwaysOnBeat (sometimes, lol). 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a wonderful week ahead! 

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Back in February Stef and I visited the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum as one of our Valentine's Day activities and today I'm sharing a little throwback with you. We experienced the Beauty exhibition and it did not disappoint! The exhibit examines the question of "Why beauty now?" and takes you through an "immersive, multisensory experience". 

I shared a few images on Instagram and one of them was re-grammed by the Museum's account. I felt pretty cool about it but even cooler when I noticed a photo right under mine of Beyonce and Jay Z visiting the exhibition. 

Don't believe me? Click through to see my dorky moment and more images from this amazing exhibit.

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