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It's snowing cats and dogs here in NYC so I decided to push this post live! I also want to give you a little something to keep your thoughts warm if you're experiencing a frigid day like me. 

For my Thirtieth birthday (Part 1), I celebrated in pure Modern-Vintage; Tropical-Glam Panache and of course I needed a tropical themed bar-cart that was suitable for the celebration! If you're not familiar with my series let me give you the full spiel.

Style & The Bar Cart is a creative production that combines my passions (style, decor, vintage & DIY) to serve as outfit and occasion inspiration for the modern-vintage girl who loves to entertain in style and prefers cocktails over wine. 

As with all my bar-carts, this one is easy to put together. Continue reading to get all the tropical-vibes your heart desires. 

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Yaaasssssss!!!! I turned 30 this month and had a blast doing so. I planned on sharing this post sooner but between all the birthday celebrations and work, I had no time to do so until now.

Honestly, I'm super tired and have a ton of work to complete for LinkedIn, and some things to tend to for Mom so I'll keep this post short and sweet on the words and heavy on the images. I have another piece I want to share with you but will do so when I'm not trying to do 100 things at once. 

Now you're probably wondering why Krystle's Vintage Thirty, so let me explain. If you couldn't tell, I LOVE VINTAGE. Now besides my deep love, something usually becomes vintage after about 25 years, so I waited 5 more years after turning 25 to ensure I was in the clear. I don't actually think this refers to people but hey, it's my birthday and I make my own rules, damn it! Now even a Vintage Thirty wouldn't be complete without tropical flavor, after all my name is Krystle DeSantos! Now let's dive into some of the images from my 30th birthday weekend. 

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It was a Modern-Vintage, Tropical-Glam Christmas over at my place this year or what I call Krysmas (get it?😂)! 

I shared a few images on Instagram with you alrady but wanted to share a few more before the holiday spirit packs up her bags and heads out the door.

Continue reading for more details and of course more pics!  

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A few weeks prior to Christmas (can you believe it's already over?), I ventured to my old stomping ground in SoHo. I was finally able to visited Society Social's, 73 Spring Shop popup after not being able to make it the last 2 years. I also did a bit of vintage shopping, thrifting and eating as well and wanted to share a few of the photos with you. I'm feeling a little lazy today, so I'm not going to write much.

I am off from work and should only be watching classic movies and eating ice cream but with all the holiday festivities, I didn't get a chance to share the images with you, especially those of the pop-up shop. Do enjoy and now back to Move Over, Darling and ginger ice cream (I made myself).

Continue reading to see more of my holiday stroll in SoHo. 

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My latest  DIY home decor project is live on and is inspired by the work of artist by the name of Chad Wys. His art fascinated me and I found myself poring through his collections and ordered one of his prints online. 

I was captivated by his use of modern, geometric patterns juxtaposed against very traditional artwork. I've always enjoyed the mix of modern and vintage in my home (as well as in my closet) which is probably why Wys’ work struck a chord with me so quickly and pretty soon I had the urge to do a little creating of my own.

Head over to the post on to see how you can create this art-inspired DIY for your walls. 

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Back in February Stef and I visited the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum as one of our Valentine's Day activities and today I'm sharing a little throwback with you. We experienced the Beauty exhibition and it did not disappoint! The exhibit examines the question of "Why beauty now?" and takes you through an "immersive, multisensory experience". 

I shared a few images on Instagram and one of them was re-grammed by the Museum's account. I felt pretty cool about it but even cooler when I noticed a photo right under mine of Beyonce and Jay Z visiting the exhibition. 

Don't believe me? Click through to see my dorky moment and more images from this amazing exhibit.

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Hello darlings! How's your summer going? I've been taking some time to enjoy beach days, fresh summer fruits and lots of ice-cream. Summer is my favorite season in the US and that's not too surprising since I grew up in Guyana. Guyana is located in South America and is the only country in the region with English as it's first language. Our culture is very much Caribbean even though we're located in this region. 

Today's Style & The Bar Cart post is dedicated to my home country! I decided to capture the tropical essence of Guyana and our love to entertain and have a good time. A good Guyanese party is filled with plenty delicious food, nuff rum and music to mek you wine to de ground.

Continue reading to see how you can create your very own Guyanese Mangoes & Macaws bar cart for the summer!

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Hey gals! It's been a little while since my last post on the blog but I'm back this week with lots of content for you starting with this entry! 

Today, I'm sharing my latest DIY featured on This one seems a little complicated but I promise it's simple with just a few steps and a handful of supplies. 

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Hello darlings, I hope you're having a wonderful week and getting ready for Flamingo Friday! While it's not Friday just yet, today we're celebrating Pink Flamingo day with this edition of Style & The Bar Cart! You're probably thinking a Flamingo enthusiast would make that up but a single Google search will prove that Pink Flamingo Day exists and we should always trust Google. Even if the day is not official I still choose to celebrate because how could one not big pink emoji heart this gorgeous bird. 

Continue reading to see how you can create your very own Flamingle bar cart for the summer!

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Hello darlings! I trust you're having a good day. As you probably know already, I create a monthly DIY article for focused on home decor projects. I really enjoy doing these projects but sometimes my busy schedule doesn't permit me to get as elaborate with my craft projects as I'd like. I work a "9-5" so I'm often trying to squeeze in as much creative time when I leave work and on the weekends. For this reason, I try to keep my projects as simple as possible. I imagine your life is pretty busy as well so I keep that in mind when putting together these projects. I want you to be able to complete the DIY and be happy with your final piece! 

I made this simple woven-inspired wall hanging for the month of May and it took me about 15 minutes altogether. This piece can add a pop of color and texture as well as an interesting, handmade design element to your space. 

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Hello darlings, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you're getting settled in from the Monday bustle. Today, I welcome you to the first post in my Style & The Bar Cart series. 

Style & The Bar Cart is a creative production that combines my passions (style, decor, vintage & DIY) to serve as outfit and occasion inspiration for the modern girl who loves to entertain in style and prefers cocktails over wine.  

Continue reading to see how you can create your own Lemonade party and contribute to a good cause! 

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