I decided to do a last minute costume DIY and chose Frida Kahlo as my subject. I had everything for this DIY in my wardrobe so it was a simple one to put together. I'll walk you through the how to below. 

"I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you." ~Frida Kahlo

You can re-create this look easily. Style your hair in two pigtail braids, pin to the top you your head and add a flower headband. If you have extra flower hair clips, pin those in as well. Find a bright colored dress or top and drape with a scarf. Layer some gold necklaces and pair with hoops or chandelier earrings. Remember to brush your brows up and fill in the unibrow section with a eye/brow pencil. Add lots of blush (mine didn't show up as much in the pictures) and an orange-red lipstick. Finish the look with some colorful bracelets and a paintbrush as a prop.