Are you tired of hearing about Cartagena? Me either!!!

I'm sharing more of my vacation outfits from my recent trip to Cartagena and have included a description of what I wore under each look for your vacation inspiration. Enjoy!

White cotton shirt, high-waisted denim shorts, pink stripe espadrilles, beaded tassel necklace, mochilla bag, woven friendship bracelet and aviator shades.  

Cream lace maxi skirt, burgundy crop top, gold hoops, stacked wooden bangles, silver slide sandals and floral headband. 

Matching the decor in the restaurant I posted about here. I promise, I did not go back to my room and put together an outfit to match the decor of this restaurant after seeing it earlier in the day. Who does that?


Channeled my inner Beyonce in this floral wrap dress for a night out in the city! I'm so tickled by this collage and keep telling everyone she's my style spirit. Love me some Yonce! 

I had this dress for over a year and finally wore it on my trip. I wanted to create a Dolce & Gabbana Spring '15 flamenco-inspired look for the night. I wore a floral patterned bra underneath and placed a faux rose in my hair. I also did a simple mini cat eye, red lips and a touch of bronzer to complete the look. The rose was purchased at a market in Cartagena and I'll share a post on how you can create this simple hair accessory soon!