Well folks, I'm slowly easing my way out of denial that Summer is over. The first official day of Fall is this Thursday and no amount of crying will change that. So what's a girl to do? The weather is already cooling down and as a last hurrah I decided to do an end of Summer look that works well for the slight chill in the air. Let's face it, Winter is the one I have quarrels with.  

Join Mildred (my #RetroAlterEgo) and I on our last Summer Sixteen stroll in NYC decked out in a playful retro-modern look inspired by Archie/Betty & Veronica comics.


This retro-look is actually made up of all modern pieces with the exception of my vintage earrings. I combined the pieces to create a groovy 70's retro vibe. 

The good vibes tank top and clear  sunnies (linked above) are from Oui Fresh. Haven't heard of them? Well it's a clothing line created by two of my favorite craft bloggers Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess. I started reading their blog when I was in college (around 2009) around the same time I started blogging over on my old blog Crafty Habit. My how time flies!

I've watched them grow over the years; seeing their site evolve visually and with content so I was pretty darn excited to learn about their latest venture Oui Fresh. It's such a fun clothing line and the word that immediately came to mind when I received my pieces was play! 

With this outfit, I pictured myself as a character in Archie comic books. I'd play dress up with Betty & Veronica and convince them to ignore Archie because that love triangle was not cute. Anywhoo, enough of my imagination for one day. Enjoy the rest of today's post and don't forget to #letthegirlinyouplay!

Chicken, waffles, coffee, fruit, sunnies and a side of Betty & Veronica!

Rising to the top in red platforms. Girl power! 

Made new friends and I think they liked my denim jacket. I swear Flamingos find me everywhere I go. No joke!

All of the good vibes! ✌🏾️

Purple cat-eyes & my hardcore Peony tattoo! 

I'm winking now but I'll be furious like Archie when Winter comes along. Don't even think about it!!!