This is no ordinary robe, no ordinary robe (sing in Sade voice). Yes, I'm wearing a robe but this is no ordinary robe! It's a vintage rose-print robe, lined with red velour that will keep you warm and cozy while turning heads for many reasons.

Many will be confused as to why you're wearing your bath robe outside but let them wonder in delight because you came to slay. 

Earlier last year, I wore another robe with a pair of jeans so this time I decided to go all out and wear a black and cream lace slip dress for ultimate boudoir flair. I "rawred" it up with leopard pumps and kept my accessories minimal for my standards. I wore a vintage red satin round clutch with tassel details and Mom's vintage pearl ball drop earrings. Red lips and voluminous bedhead curls kept the look sultry. 

Like my last post, this look was shot in my apartment but this time I didn't have the handy help of Stef, so I took them on my own. I honestly hoped they wouldn't turn out as good because I don't want him thinking I could do photoshoots on my own. Don't get any bright ideas Stef, see you at the next shoot #InstagramHubby! 


Would you dare to wear a robe out the house? Yes I think you would! 🌹❤️