The 4th of July Holiday weekend is almost here and I'm sooo looking forward to some much-needed rest & relaxation. Work has been pretty intense these past few weeks so some downtime will be appreciated.

The long holiday weekend is a great time to spend with family and friends but if you live in a city and plan to stay local, it's also the perfect time to plan a sweet Summer picnic! The city is usually less busy around holidays which means more shady spots in the park are readily available for your downtime. I planned this sweet summer picnic for two but you can definitely do this with a group of friends or even by yourself. 


A picnic basket is a must have for me and even better when lined with red gingham! It's so convenient for carrying all your treats and looks pretty while doing so. Leave the IKEA bag home this time :) I picked up a reasonably priced one recently and felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I may have had a drink or two that night and proceeded to chase after some girls and their dog yelling "Toto, Toto!" True story, did you catch it on my IG story? It was pretty funny (if I say so myself) but I have another funny story to share with you about my picnic basket hunt.  

I originally found a vintage basket on Etsy and thought it would be perfect for outdoor fun. My original basket doesn't have a cover and this one was perfect, not to mention it had a unique circular shape and was lined with red gingham! It would go well with my retro-playsuit I've been saving since last Summer. I eagerly ordered the basket but to my amusement, when it arrived it was the size of a basket for my niece. I fell out laughing because I had forgotten to check the measurements. This basket could only hold a sandwich and small drink for one and that wasn't going to work for my picnic for two so I saved the basket to use as a purse instead.  


I wrapped my gingham turban headband around the basket's handle for more gingham-glam!


I love to accessorize my vintage baskets and for this look I clipped my cherry pinup hairclip to the front for some added retro-picnic flair!  My striped square bangle is vintage and the other one is vintage-redux. 


To makes things easy on yourself, grab sandwiches from your favorite restaurant, pick up a few sweet snacks, cherries and drinks. I also packed vintage pyrex and milk glass dishes as well as gingham napkins for our meal. Don't forget your instant camera. It's a fun way to capture memories without being glued to your phone!


Love me some cherries on and off my attire. They scream retro-Summer!


Sip, sip!


Now let's quickly chat about this retro-inspired two piece gingham playsuit! I've actually been planning this picnic shoot for the last 3 years and have been eyeing this exact suit since then. I  finally scored it (in my size and on sale) at the end of last Summer but needed to have it altered. I sized up on the pants so my cheeks wouldn't hang out the bottom and as a result had to have mom take in the waist. By the time we got around to it, Summer was over. I refused to wear before I did this shoot!  

I love the retro-style, red gingham and cute bow detail in the back. Don't you? 

It's from Unique Vintage and unfortunately not currently available on their site but I linked to some alternatives below so you can get the look. 


I mentioned it was a picnic for two right? Not sure where I was looking in this photo. 


Almost time for some R&R. What are your plans? Tell me in the comments, I'd love to know!