It’s no secret, I love fashion from the past and thoroughly enjoy incorporating them into my present-day style. I enjoy showing you how to incorporate fashion cues from several eras into your modern-day style for a look that’s uniquely you.

Personally, I tend to mix various fashion eras mostly ranging anywhere from the 1920’s to the 1980’s but at times I even go as far back as the 18th & 19th century for inspiration. Oftentimes I’ll mix vintage and modern pieces together and other times I style modern pieces for more of a vintage/retro inspired look.

In today’s style post I’m doing exactly that by styling predominantly modern pieces from my wardrobe for a 1920’s & 1930’s glam look. I wanted to create thet loungy look reminiscent of 20’s/30’s beach pyjama mixed with 20s/30s kimono styles but also wanted to glam it up since I’d be wearing it for an evening out. A few of you also indicated you wanted more 20’s & 30s style and I was more than happy to oblige!

In the 1920's Coco Chanel introduced "beach pyjamas” with the style being popular among affluent women. I previously discussed this bit of history a couple years ago in this post  so be sure to check that out but women wearing trousers at that time was still taboo. However, by the 1930's, pyjamas became popular casual-wear for all women (not just the affluent) with its comfortable wide-flowing trousers. The resort style was worn while entertaining at home or luxuriating on the beach and could even be seen on several Hollywood stars in films. 

Kimonos are part of Japan’s history as many of you may know and cultural dress and dates as far back to their Heian period however, kimono-styles became of notable interest in the Western world particularly during the 1920s when it’s silhouette was translated into contemporary fashion and worn mostly around the house for lounging and hosting dinners but others also wore them out as well.


I love me a good kimono as well as vintage robes because they’re so free-flowing and easy to wear. I’m not limited to just wearing these pieces for lounging around the house but think they add dramatic flair to any look and my favorite part has to be when a lovely breeze hits it while you’re walking. It feels like you’re rocking a superhero cape and about to conquer the world! I’m not limited.

This modern kimono belongs to my Mama (I still play dress up with her clothing) and is absolutely beautiful! I love the floral print, the fringe details that allude to fringe elements in 1920s fashion and the fact that it matches the wine color of my satin trousers so well. Speaking of, don’t you just love the boudoir feel with that side split and lace trim detail? I got them a couple years back from Nasty Gal (so unfortunately I can’t link directly to them) and just adore how high-waisted they are. I wish I would’ve opened my kimono to show you but I’ll use that missed opportunity to re-style them for ya!


Instead of using the waist sash this Kimono came with, I decided to belt it with a vintage gold metal belt I picked up while vintage shopping in Canada a few years back and continued accessorizing with gold ankle strap heels, a gold accordion mesh purse (will share the story about that one in a separate post) and a simple pair of gold and pearl clip on earrings. In keeping with the feel of the 20’s and 30’s I combed my hair in a soft modern finger wave style and attached a peacock feather fascinator made by yours truly. I actually gave you a sneak peek of this fascinator last week on Instagram and can definitely share the tutorial on how to make if you like, so let me know!

p.s. My lipstick is 1930 Noir Red by Besame.