I shot this look about two months ago in anticipation of Fall and today I’m finally sharing. I actually gave you a sneak peek with my DIY strappy mules tutorial so I hope you check that out if you haven’t done so already.

I was feeling quite fierce that day and decided to go for a mixed print outfit featuring feline prints in red! I combined my vintage red leopard bodysuit with a red tiger-print wrap skirt that was actually part of the Kenzo X H&M collection and if that wasn’t enough I added red snakeskin mules because why the heck not?

I honestly didn’t plan this look ahead of time and really wasn’t sure what the outcome would be as I got dressed. Would it look good or would it be a fashion fail? I kind of didn’t care too much because I love experimenting with my style and after I was done dressing, I looked in the mirror and was “feline myself.”

I’ve heard some people say getting dressed can feel intimidating because they don’t want to get it wrong or they’re afraid of what others will think so they play it safe. In my opinion, getting dressed is simply another creative outlet like that of painting or singing that you use to express who we are. When we think of it in that way, we should never be opposed to experimenting or trying something different once it resonates with our souls because that feeling of being your true self in any form is such an empowering feeling. After all, we live in a time where there is heavy emphasis placed on authenticity and what better way to show up in the world than as yourself in the way not only live but also look? 

Well, I won’t go on any longer because it’s time for you to let your inner fierce feline out with some ravenous red animal print pieces. I rounded up affordable picks at the end of this post so you can get the look. Rwarr!

p.s. I’m not sure if it was my vintage bodysuit, lace choker, snakeskin v-vamp mules or the way I combed my hair but I got a 90s vibe. Do you get that vibe too?