Summer is finally here and this girl is happy as a kite in the sky. Just shimmying and soaring among the clouds and sunshine. Yes darlings, I love the hot weather. I was born for it and so was my wardrobe. Speaking of wardrobe, nothing screams Summer like classic gingham, am I right? Now don’t get me wrong, tropical and floral prints make my heart skip about two beats every-time but I reserve a special spot in there for gingham. 

I don’t know why this print gives me the fuzzy feels every-time I lock eyes with it. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of picnic blankets and days spent outdoors, maybe it's because of the pieces I saw my Mom wear when I was a child or maybe it’s because gingham evokes a feeling of nostalgia for youthful days as I recall the gingham uniforms of my primary school friends as we played together in the scorching sun back home in Guyana. Isn't it amazing how a simple print can bring back fond memories and warm feelings? What print does that for you?


There is a dynamic history behind gingham dating back as far as the 17th century with various recollections of where it originated and it's use/history specific to several cultures and countries including Africa, India, Indonesia, France, USA, Germany, the Philippines and Europe. It has been widely used because not only is this woven cotton (sometimes linen) textile inexpensive to produce but gingham is also easy to wash/dry, long lasting and has a no frills in it's simple design, although I've seen quite an influx of beautifully decorated gingham with embroidery or beaded embellishments recently.  

Today, I'm sharing my Summer Gingham-Glam look with you as well as some of my favorite gingham dresses. I decided to style this beautiful button-front cutout gingham dress with statement tassel earrings, an African beaded cuff, secondhand woven raffia purse and flat sandals in a African-inspired printed fabric.

Be sure to check out my roundup at the end of this post of pretty gingham dresses, all under $100 in classic black/dark blue and white combinations. Happy Summer!

p.s. I shot this look out in Casco Viejo, Panama and you can watch the full style video here and  learn more about the Casa Gongora Museum here.