Hello beautiful people! I wanted to pop on quickly to share something I think is so amazing.  A couple weeks ago, the lovely and talented Shea of Designed by Shea launched a new YouTube channel to share her behind the scenes process that goes into creating her incredible digital art. I featured Shea’s work before here in my Shop & Tell section but today I want to highlight Shea’s very first video featuring little ole me!  As I type this, I’m smiling from ear to ear because this video warms my heart and here is the reason why. 

I never shared this with you before but back in 2009 I began blogging for my old site Crafty Habit and would sit at my desk in my college studio apartment drooling over countless illustrations of other bloggers I followed. I always hoped for my very own but with little money to spare as a student  I couldn’t commission any of the artists  I admired on Etsy to make my little dream come through.

Fast forward to recent times, I woke up one morning (having almost forgotten that little dream) to find myself tagged in a vintage-inspired illustration featuring my very own head-shot. I felt overjoyed and was immediately transported back to my early blogger days with that little dream. Today I’m happy to share that through the kindness of a stranger with an incredible talent I not only have a headshot but a full body illustration of one of my favorite photos along with a (drumroll) VIDEO!!!!  This experience has been joyous and reminded me to never forget even the tiniest of dreams.

I hope it can serve as a reminder to you as well to revel in the small joys and keep every dream of your’s alive! Thanks to Shea for this special gift and please support the happiness she brings by following her new channel on Youtube and supporting her business. I promise you’ll love every bit of it!