I don’t usually talk about beauty products on the blog outside of my favorite lipsticks but many of you have been asking about the products I use as well as my skin routine so I figured I’d put together a quick post about all the things I use and do.

In all transparency, I have to say that I don’t really have a particular skin routine and tend to treat my skin based off what it’s looking like at the moment. Is that bad?

I wash, tone and moisturize daily and at night I use oils or a mixture of oil and cream depending on how I’m feeling. If my skin is feeling and looking extra dull/dry I’ll use an exfoliating scrub and/or deep penetrating mask for some rejuvenation. Fortunately, I don’t breakout too much on my face (my back is a different story and we can chat about that another time) but whenever I get a pimple or two, I spot treat with a drying lotion and follow up with a moisturizer and dark spot/scar formula if necessary. 

I’m far from being a snob when it comes to beauty products and tend to use a lot of home remedies as well as products you can find in your drugstore or supermarket.  I don’t have one single brand I’m committed to but there are a few go-to ones and you will find them listed below. To make shopping a breeze for ya I added all those products I listed below to my Amazon Shop.

p.s. I’m not a beauty expert so if you’re looking for expert advice be sure to check out two of my faves ( @sunkissalba and @charmsie) for lots of expert beauty tips!