Hello darlings! I hope you had a nice week and you’re looking forward to the weekend. I’m excited to finally share today’s look with you because believe it or not, I had the creative direction and outfit planned since 2016! 

Yes, I planned the general look and concept  almost 3 years ago, even giving ya’ll a sneak peek here  but to be honest I was waiting on one final detail (tuxedo heels) to complete the visual story I wanted to tell. I wanted to capture the essence of a girl’s first-time in NYC. Imagine her excitement stepping onto the city streets for the first time in a vintage type setting; enthralled by all the glam NYC has to offer and surrounded by so many with dreams of the caviar variation!


I even recall driving past the Roxy Hotel on our way to the Holland tunnel and after catching a glimpse of the beautiful lights and signage I made a mental bookmark of it being the perfect location for the backdrop  behind my concept.

Fast forward a few years and it was time to execute on my vision and bring it to life. Now I don’t advise sitting on your ideas waiting for the perfect moment because more than likely there won’t be such a scenario but sometimes it’s worth the wait to get as close to your vision as you can.

Shoot, Hardley (the amazing photographer behind these images) and I sure didn’t think the temperature outside was perfect for shooting pictures.  It was a one of the most frigid January days but we got together and made it happen and I’m so thankful to him for sticking it out with me and helping me bring my vision to life. Please be sure to check out all his dope work here.