Good morning! It’s been a while since I blogged but I shared a personal post on my social media this morning & thought I should add it to the blog too. Below is pretty much what I wrote on Instagram

My year started out with what Bishop T.D. Jakes refers to in his new book as #TheCrushing. We all go through crushings at multiple times and in varying degrees in our lives but God is always with us. As I go through this one, I want to share a little story of how God reminded me of his presence in my life (just in case a girl was suffering from amnesia & tryna doubt him πŸ˜…)

One night while praying, I had a random thought about a list of great people I want to meet and figured why not share that list with God. Bishop Jakes was on that list. The next morning I came across a flyer on IG that I had seen a few times over but NEVER noticed a small bit of info on there; Bishop would be hosting a book event the following week in NYC!

I immediately messaged my Mom and one week later we were shaking hands and getting our books signed! If that wasn’t enough, Bishop spoke a word in my life that touched me deeply and will remain with me forever. Now don’t get confused and think prayers operate like some kind of a wishlist but take confidence in knowing God hears even your tiny desires & if you delight yourself in him, he will give you the desires of your heart. 

I want to express my gratitude to Bishop Jakes & thank God for the extra reminder that he is present  and is crushing our grapes to make his fine wine; turning pressure into power.


Pastor Steven Furtick & Bishop Jakes sat down to chat about this new book and the interview was powerful. I’ve always enjoyed their chats so I embedded it below and encourage you to take the time to watch because it’s well worth it!