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For my second Halloween DIY (see first here)  this year, I decided to head back to the 60's and channel the lovely Sophia Loren from the 1966 Technicolor comedy thriller Arabesque

Loren is an award winning Italian film actress who was declared as "one of the world cinema's treasures." Sophia who recently turned 82 years old in September is as glamorous as ever and recently starred in Dolce Gabbana's new fragrance film. 

I like to refer to the scene I used from Arabesque as the pink towel & toile scene. Recreating the look is easy as pie. If you've never watched this film take a look here and skip to the 14:05 mark to view the pink towel & toile decor glam. 

Continue reading to get the full DIY. 

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My latest  DIY home decor project is live on and is inspired by the work of artist by the name of Chad Wys. His art fascinated me and I found myself poring through his collections and ordered one of his prints online. 

I was captivated by his use of modern, geometric patterns juxtaposed against very traditional artwork. I've always enjoyed the mix of modern and vintage in my home (as well as in my closet) which is probably why Wys’ work struck a chord with me so quickly and pretty soon I had the urge to do a little creating of my own.

Head over to the post on to see how you can create this art-inspired DIY for your walls. 

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