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When this dress arrived, I was excited to try it on. I was a bit skeptical about the size because it looked tiny when I pulled it out the bag. Nevertheless, I tried it on and it fit! I adored the mixing of  my favorite banana-leaf print with garden roses and butterflies but then I realized something about the dress that made me second-guess keeping it.

Continue reading to find out why I almost returned this dress and get the look too! 

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Can you believe It took me over a year to finally wear this swimsuit?!! I got it for my Cartagena trip but the day I planned to wear this white crochet beauty, mother nature had other plans for me so back into the suitcase it went.

Now I know you're wondering why I never wore it to the beach back in NYC but I have a very good reason! 

Continue reading to find out why and get this sizzling crochet swim style! 


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