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Hello darlings! Today I'm happy to bring another edition of "Style & The Bar Cart." If you're not familiar with this series let me quickly break it down for you. 

Style & The Bar Cart is a creative production that combines my passions (style, decor, vintage & DIY) to serve as outfit and occasion inspiration for the modern-vintage girl who loves to entertain in style and prefers cocktails over wine. I've created 3 entries in the series thus far and today I'm elated to bring you a holiday inspired cart just in time for Christmas! 

For this Bar Cart I wanted to do something traditional and incorporate one of my favorite holiday prints; Tartan. This print scream classic Christmas but I still wanted to add my own twis to it and that's when I reached out for your opinion. Would it be #TropicalTartan or #TartanWithATwist? 

The majority of votes supported #TropicalTartan and I was super happy about that because anything Tropical is right up my alley. I also liked the other theme so I decided to combine the two and bring you tartan with a tropical twist! Clever right?!

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