Oh how I love vintage! I can't get enough and truly believe there is no such thing as too much vintage. I thoroughly enjoy exploring vintage and thrift shops because it's like going on a treasure hunt every single time. You never know what you'll come across and I never stop until the Vintage Lover in me is satisfied. Did I mention I don't believe in having too much vintage? I'm serious! 

I love how unique and well made vintage pieces are and the attention to detail sweeps me off my feet every single time. When I walk into a good vintage shop, my adrenaline starts pumping and I get giddy with excitment. While I enjoy well curated boutiques for modern pieces, my preference in vintage shops is the opposite. I like my vintage stores retro-looking and filled to the brim with goodies as this makes vintage shopping even more of an adventure for me. The thought of sifting through racks, jammed packed with treats and finding that one piece or ten or twenty (don't judge) that reflects my personal style is always rewarding. 

If you're like me, you could spend most of your days vintage treasure-hunting but that takes time and I often don't have much time with my packed agenda. Visiting shops in person can be quite challenging, so hows vintage-lover survive? Have no fear! I'm making vintage shopping a bit easier for those with little time or not inclined to hunt. 

Today, I've teamed up with  Love Doll Shoppe, an online retro boutique, to bring you "Retro Style with a Modern Day twist."

I use the description RetroStyle, ModernTwist on Instagram often so I was very tickled to read Love Doll Shoppe's tagline.  

When Love Doll Shoppe reached out to me I was happy to collaborate. Their site was easy to use and the only issue I encountered was picking a piece from their collection. The store carries a mix of retro pieces mainly from the 70s, 80s & 90s that suits many style types. Initially I chose a pretty green velvet dress until I spotted this silk beauty on Love Doll Shoppe's Instagram page one morning. I knew I had to have this silk kimono-style dress and immediately requested it. I mean for crying out loud, the dress has tassels on it and #Kys💕Tassels!!!!

I styled this beautiful black and white floral silk kimino dress with a black velvet turban and yellow beaded tassel earrings for my signature retro-glam look Turbans and Tassels!

Yellow t-strap heels and a vintage pearlized basketweave purse with gold ornate handles ties the entire look together.

I adore the low cut detail to the back of this dress and yes the only way to accessorize a dress with tassels is to add more tassels of course! 

Surprise!!! You've made it to the end and as a thank you, I'd like to give you a little treat!

Use the coupon code "Krystle" at checkout to receive 20% off any item in the shop. Let me know if you get anything and be sure to keep up with Love Doll Shoppe on Instagram and Facebook. Happy Friday Darlings!