I' m back with Part 2 of my travel diary for you. I took so many pictures and couldn't fit all into my first post so I had to create another post dedicated to this beautiful city. 

I have outfit posts lined up so be on the look out for those coming next!

I just couldn't get over the stunning architecture and colors in Cartagena. It's the stuff dreams are made of!

I ate yummy paletas almost every day while in Cartagena! The one I'm holding up was a Milo flavored one. We drink Milo with breakfast in Guyana so this paleta was such a treat and took me down memory lane. 

Speaking of yummy treats! Below are some of the things I ate on my trip. 

Breakfast, snacks and fresh Maracuja (passion juice) at our hotel. 

Delicious ceviche, sushi, fish stew and lychee juice at a nearby restaurant.  

We walked by this restaurant during the day and the decor captivated me. How could I pass up tigers, bright florals, stripes and pineapple decor? 

We promptly made reservations and returned for dinner. Holy, slap somebody, anybody!!!  The food at Maria was beyond delicious. The fish was incredibly fresh and full of flavor. The drinks were on point and I'm just sad we didn't go back one more time. If you plan on going to Cartagena, this is a must! 

Here is a brighter image from their site but notice the seats were not covered in the blue stripe fabric then. 

We ate lunch outside in the city square, gave each other hilarious "romantic" stares and took selfies. It was the most appropriate thing to do while local singers sang love songs in Spanish. 

This painted door was for sale but I couldn't figure out how to fit it into my suitcase. Simply beautiful!

Street art and paintings seen on our many walks through the city. 

I loved seeing these beautiful women dressed in their colorful outfits selling fruit on the streets. 


I bought many of my gifts from local vendors but stopped in a few boutiques to see what they carried. I bought a fabric wrap from KIA (outside of boutique pictured above) that can be tied into a top, used as a belt or head wrap. I cant wait to show you what I do with it.

I also stopped in a few more shops and picked up jewelry. I love jewelry, period! Chunky and bold pieces are my favorite. If you add tassels or pom-poms, I get weak in the knees. You can find several statement pieces in the shops.

I definitely got weak in the knees over the pom-pom trimmed tropical print fabric coasters. Do you see all the Frida items too?  What a perfect place!

Mildred, my retro alter ego wasn't left out in the cold. She accompanied us on vacation and this shop suited her fancy. The boutique carried lots of retro-inspired pieces including pom-pom trimmed Marilyn Monroe and Pinup print cushions as well as a small jewelry chest printed with Audrey Hepburn (wearing the pink ensemble from the movie My Fair Lady).

I hope you enjoyed my travel diary of Cartagena. Be sure to check back for my outfit and travel essentials posts. Have a Happy Friday!