Yesterday my bff and I took a stroll into SoHo to visit the first Kate Spade home decor pop-up and it did not disappoint! We squealed as we entered the shop and several ooohs and ahhhs could be heard from the other shoppers. If I only had five adjectives to describe the shop they would be whimsical, sophisticated, retro, classic and stylish. Entering the space was like coming home to the NYC apartment of your dreams, full of color and fun prints with an added bonus of being served champagne and cookies upon entry. 

The pop-up features Kate Spade's home-decor including new furniture, lighting, bedding, barware, kitchenware, stationery, lighting, bridal gifts and decorative items. You'll definitely want to #MakeYourselfAHome after visiting this pop-up. The shop will be opened through May 31(, so if you're in the NYC area take a gander. You'll love it, I promise!

If I’m going somewhere and don’t know people, I’m a little shy. What’s my strategy? a glass of champagne, normally, works fine.

Just dance!

Pretty hydrangeas in a gold polka dot vase. 

I absolutely love the black & white abstract painting. Do you see the bow details on sconces? Adorable!

I'm in love with this gallery wall. 

Made myself right at home. The sofa is so comfy. 

Leopard goes with everything darling, including champagne!

Pop, fizz, clink!

I like baby hair, vintage and Afros (Beyonce voice). 

I can't wait till the family gets home and notices all the cooking I've done!

The kettles come with a little mitt so you don't burn your lady (or guy) fingers. 

Shhh! Don't wake the kitty. 

I don't mind getting between these sheets. 

Artwork in the bedroom in a pretty gold and white frame. 

A great selection of colorful stationary!

Oh so stylish in Spring colors and my favorite Kate Spade purse. I attached a furry pop-pom for added fun!

Don't forget to #MakeYourselfAHome at the Kate Spade Home Pop Up

411 West Broadway, NY. Open February 26th – May 31st 2016