While on our vacation in Cartagena, we took a day trip to the beautiful Islas del Rosario. The boat ride to the islands was about 35 mins and we even saw Dolphins out in the water. When we arrived to the islands, the view was breath-taking and I had to take a moment to thank God for creating such beauty. Today I'm sharing photos from our trip to the islands along with a red retro-inspired swimsuit I'm obsessed with! 


View on our way to Islas del Rosario

Arriving at the islands in all leopard print. I was channeling my inner Earth Kitt. Rawrrr!!!

A quick swimsuit and lipstick change never hurt nobody! I love this red number with mesh panels. I'll link to it at the end of the post so you can get your red retro swim fix too! 

I promise I didn't DIY that Instagram sign. 

A typical Colombian meal of fried red snapper, coconut rice, fried green plantains and salad. My absolute favorite! 

We went snorkeling for 45 minutes which meant the tour guide pulled me around on the lifesaver for 30 minutes (lol). In my defense, no one looked very energetic after that snorkel. When we returned to the island we were served lunch and of course I asked for pepper sauce. What's life without it? Ask a Guyanese. 

Saying goodbye to the beautiful Islands. Hope you're having a wonderful week!