It's been three months since my Cartagena vacation but I'm still reminiscing about those beautiful sunny days strolling through the city. I wrote about my trip in two parts  (1 2) , covering many of our activities as well as the delicious food we ate.

Today, you're in for a treat because I'm sharing a vintage meets modern look, how you can re-create this look and images of a very sweet gelato shop we visited. 

Gelateria Paridisio, located in the heart of the city, is a quaint little gelato shop where vintage meets tropical paradise. The decor is absolutely stunning with bright colors and tropical patterns all over. It's the stuff dreams are made of and of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity to have ice-cream

Mildred (my Retro Alter Ego) decided to visit the vintage-inspired gelato shop and did so in retro-modern style. She paired a vintage pastel print midi-button front skirt with a white halter neck crop top and accessorized with pink cat-eye sunglasses, mint green vintage earrings, a zebra hinge bracelet, lilac jelly shoes and a retro I Love Lucy lunch-kit as a purse. This retro lunch-kit was the focal point of this outfit and I planned everything around it. I (aka Mildred) hung a pastel pink furry pompom on the lunchbox for added fun. You can re-create a similar look with the options I've selected below. 


I really like all the vintage botanical prints that are framed and hanging on the wall in the gelato shop. 

How pretty are these pink bistro chairs and that tropical print wallpaper. My zebra hinge bracelet fits right in and I could live here! 

Mildred and Lucy preparing for a chat over afternoon gelato! 


Looking away so you can see my vintage mint green earrings. I found them digging through a box full of odds and ends at one of my favorite vintage shops. When vintage shopping, it's a good idea to sift through miscellaneous boxes. It takes some time but that's the way I like to vintage shop. The thrill of finding vintage treasures is like a pirate finding gold. You'll usually find these pieces on a deal since the shop owner wants to get them sold but didn't have the time to hand pick and add to their curated selections. 

Gasp!!! Do you see the little pocket on this vintage skirt? It's the little details that make vintage pieces so alluring to me. It was love at first sight with this skirt. It just can't get better than buttons and a pocket on a skirt?

One more look at this beautiful gelato shop!

Cheesing from ear to ear because of my delicious ice cream cone. I was trying to take as many pictures before it melted too much and so I could get to the best part, eating! 

p.s. The buildings in Cartagena are painted in vibrant colors and are perfect for impromptu or planned photoshoots (lol). Have a wonderful Monday!