Sleepwear style is back on trend this Spring and Dolce & Gabbana's recent pyjama party highlighted "this staple of the glamorous woman (and men’s) wardrobe since the Thirties,"  

In the 1920's Coco Chanel introduced "beach pyjamas" for women and this proved to be shocking for the fashion and social scene as these garments were predominantly loungewear worn by men since the late1800's. The style was particularly popular among affluent women and the idea of women wearing trousers was still somewhat taboo at the time. During the1930's, pyjamas became popular casual-wear embraced by an array of women with its comfortable but chic appeal of wide-flowing trousers and soft blouses. The resort style was worn while entertaining at home or luxuriating on the beach and could even be seen on Hollywood stars in films. 

"A woman may and does wear pajamas to quite formal dinners in her own house, to other people’s dinners in town or country if you know them well, and the younger and more iconoclastic members of the female sex even wear them to the theater." - 1931 issue of Vogue

While shopping, I locked eyes with this floral pyjama-inspired set and could not resist. How many times  have you wished you could go outside in your pyjamas? Well this is the moment you've been waiting on since that time you wore your PJs to a 6 am calculus class.

I styled my pyjama-inspired set with a black crop top, gold body chain, ear jackets, vintage black satin clutch, DIY black lace choker, strappy heels and a deep lip. I wanted to evoke the vibe of Dolce & Gabbana's party with an ode to retro-glamour fused with modern edginess. 


Sashay when you wear this outfit as day-wear and let everyone know how proud you are to be wearing pyjamas. 

Would you dare to wear pyjamas to go out? If so, I've linked to some options for you. If not, rock them in bed and sleep tight!