Hello darlings! If you follow me on social media you probably already saw that I made my very FIRST DIY VIDEO! Yes, a videoooooo for you and it's also live on Blavity! When thinking about what I would call my video series I couldn't help but to gravitate to my old blog's name, Crafty Habit. I started that blog back in 2009 and it was very similar in content to this blog (decor, style, vintage, DIY) and reflected my college-age aesthetic. My aesthetics have grown but that blog holds so much sentimental value and is my constant reminder of how I started in the blogging world. 

Late last year I came across these beautiful Aquazzura pom pom heels and couldn't get them off my mind but the price was not what I was willing to spend. Adulting isn't easy but DIYs save the day! 

I initially attempted to make wool yarn pompoms for the heels but gave up on that idea when I realized the yarn balls were too large for the look. DIYs are often trial and error and sometimes an entire project has to be disregarded. Luckily with yarn pompoms out of the equation and a quick Amazon prime search, I was able to get good old craft pompoms for my DIY project.  

Take a look at the video below and please tag me and use the hashtag #MyCraftyHabit if you try this DIY. I'd love to see how your's turn out.