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Last Spring my bestie and I came across a beautiful pair of Parrot Heels from Kate Spade and couldn't get them off our minds. As we waited and hoped they would go on sale, I was inspired to DIY a Macaw version of my own.  Yes, you can make these heels yourself!!!

I shared a teaser a few months ago on IG but actually created this DIY about a year ago when I got the patches.  I initially shared it with my family in our group chat and my big sister gave me the great idea to do something additional. I got stuck on the idea and held off from sharing the tutorial while I tried to source additional supplies. I still haven't found the right supplies but with the recent parrot craze popping up in the fashion world, I figured I might as well share the initial DIY with you. This way you can get the look in time for Summer. 

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Hello darlings! If you follow me on social media you probably already saw that I made my very FIRST DIY VIDEO! Yes, a videoooooo for you! When thinking about what I would call the video series I couldn't help but to gravitate to my old blog's name, Crafty Habit.

Continue reading to find out more about my new video series and of course check out the video. 

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