I recently shared this Vintage Garden Glam look that incorporated these heels and you gals went crazy for them. I was super happy about the favorable response because I never know how one of my DIYs will go over.  

Personally, I love these orchid heels but I cannot take full credit for them. One day while chilling on IG, my fellow blogger babe Ehmonie of What's Haute tagged me in the comment section of a photo of a pair of orchid heels and I fell in love. We started chatting about them in DM, only to realize how pricy they were. I'd already invested in a few timeless pieces this season so these heels were definitely out of my budget.

As we swooned over how beautiful the designer-made shoes were, Ehmonie told me they were her favorite flowers and my DIY lightbulb went off. They don't call me the DIY queen 👸🏽 for nothing!

I was already planning a floral shoe project and decided I'd used these Alzúarr heels; switching out my original flowers for orchids. Easy peasy!



For this DIY you'll need the following:

  • Faux orchid flowers  
  • Glue gun  
  • Minimal ankle strap heels  
  • Faux Pearl cabouchons with flat backs (optional & not pictured above)  

STEP 1   


Begin by cutting your orchid flowers off the stem. Each shoe should have the same amount and size of flower.  




Secure your first flower to the outer edge of the toe stap on your heels. I places the flower with bulbs in this position to add some dimension.  

When glueing, ensure you secure the flower in a position that keeps it from dragging on the floor when you walk.  

STEP 3   


Repeat step 2 with the remaining orchids until the toe strap for both sides are covered with the flowers.  

Ensure there is symmetry for the heels.  



You can most certainly stop at step 3 but I felt like something was missing from my heels.

I eyeballed them for a while and then pulled out my flat- back pearl cabouchons and adhered a few to the flowers in random spots. I  and held each pearl with a pair of jewelry making pliers and dropped a tiny bit on glue on the back, then secured to the flowers. If you don't have jewelry pliers, I'm sure a solid pair of tweezers can work as well. 



There is no step 5! Just take your beautiful orchid heels for a spin.