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Hello darlings! Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving week already? I’ve been a bit busy with a few different projects but today I'm excited to bring you another "Style & The Bar Cart." If you're not familiar with this series let me quickly break it down for you. 

Style & The Bar Cart is a creative series that combines my passions (style, decor, vintage & DIY) to serve as outfit and occasion inspiration for the modern-vintage girl who loves to entertain in style and prefers cocktails over wine.

For this Bar Cart I wanted to create a simple Thanksgiving themed cart but with a bit of a topical twist because that’s just how I roll. For the cocktail I made a Mango Mint Aperol Spritz and included other mango-flavored beverages such as juice and seltzer water on the cart. I also baked (via Trader Joe’s, lol) a delicious Pumpkin Spice Pie because what’s Thanksgiving without one?

Here’s a fun fact, I’d never had Pumpkin Pie until moving to the US 10+ years ago and initially I thought the idea was weird because we use Pumpkins for savory dishes in Guyana. Well my perspective quickly changed after trying the pie and now I have to have a slice whenever the season rolls around.

A vase full of greenery and my DIY Fall Macrame Wreath kept the decor friendly while my vintage vegetable print dress and raffia fruit heels play up the entire theme. I’ve rounded up several pieces at the end of this post so you can recreate the feel of this look and entertain in style this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Basket bags are all the rage this season and I've been admiring all the various modern styles that are popping up. I have a soft spot for them and a (not so) small collection consisting of mostly vintage ones mixed with a few modern styles in various shapes, colors and materials.

They're the perfect statement accessory and are versatile enough to transition throughout the seasons but there can be a downside to these pretty pieces.

Basket bags often come with short top handles and no shoulder strap which can become annoying when you're doing activities that require both hands such as vintage shopping or sampling ice cream at a food festival.

While doing both activities (not at the same time although that would be dreamy), I decided to turn my vintage silk scarf into a shoulder strap for my modern wicker bucket bag

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