A couple of months ago, Mom and I were out on the town for a girl's day at the Metropolitan Museum and decided to venture into a few stores to browse around after the museum. Of course, browsing turned into shopping as soon as Mom pointed me in the direction of this piece! I was immediately attracted to the abstract floral-like pattern and bright colors. The piece also reminded me of my sequin flower heels I purchased in the Spring.

Mom and I went straight to the rack and to our surprise this dress was not a dress but a romper instead! Can someone say magical!!!! We were already sold, then we noticed more magic in the form of pockets ! The deal was signed, sealed and delivered on the spot. Well, a card was swiped and a receipt was delivered!  

This romper is from H&M but I couldn't find it online so you'll have to try your luck in store. My turquoise tassel earrings are also from H&M and I love how they complement the romper. This color is back in stores for the Summer so be sure to pop in for a pair. My gold purse is vintage and my heels are from ASOS. I got them back in April and this particular style is no longer available but I'm linking to alternatives in the widget below. 

These tassel earrings are one of my favorite styles because they make such a great statement and are under $13! I began collecting them over a year ago and have them in several colors. I usually post about them on IG and snapchat when I spot them in store so be sure to follow me there because these gems sell like hot cakes. 

I couldn't go any closer on the heels because I was in need of a pedicure. I'm sure you understand my plight, lol!

Them: "I like your romper."

Me: "It has pockets!"

Really giddy over my pockets! I know it's Monday and that means back to the grind for most but do a little dance and embrace Monday with gratefulness! Have a wonderful day 😊.