Pom poms, like tassels have been a long time favorite of mine and recently they've been trending like crazy. You can find them on clothing, pillows, bags, blankets, shoes and even jewelry!

Earlier this season I created a video for some simple colorful DIY pom pom heels and today I'm sharing another tutorial for pom pom shoes with a matching bag charm. You've probably seen the trendy brightly colored pom pom sandals around but for this DIY I wanted to mix things up a bit. I decided to use muted colors that would go well with my 4+ year old tan leather sandals. This is a good way to refresh a pair of shoes that you've had for some time.

The basket bags are also very popular with pom pom adornments so I decided to create a matching pom pom bag charm for my vintage basket tote.

You can complete this simple DIY in a weekend and wow your friends with your matching set! So what are you waiting on? Let's get started!!! 




Let's begin with small pom poms for the sandals. I used the smallest pom pom maker from the set (the green colored one). 

To make the pom poms, begin by opening the arms on your pom pom maker. Wrap one end of the yarn around the arms to your desired thickness. I wrapped my arm about 3 times over with the yarn.

Without cutting the yarn, close the fully wrapped arm back in and move to the other arm and wrap that side. 

Once you've completed wrapping, cut your yarn and close the maker completely. Using the groove in the maker as a guide, begin cutting through the yarn down the middle on both sides. 

After cutting through both sides, cut a long length of yarn and feed it through the center of the maker as pictured (image 7). Secure this length of yarn with a double knot. This secures your pom pom in the middle. Now  pull the maker apart to release the pom pom and fluff out. Trim any uneven pieces of yarn on the pom pom to give it a uniformed circular shape. 

You should end up with 3 pretty little pom poms. Now repeat for a total of 6!


Secure your pom poms to your sandals using the long pieces of string. Ensure you tie them on tightly to prevent them from bouncing around when walking!



Repeat STEP 2 using a larger pom pom maker (I used the pink colored one). Make a total of 3 pom poms in this size as these will be used for your bag charm. Once you've finished making these 3 pom poms, decide how you'd like them to look hanging from your bag then secure that arrangement with a knot. 

Braid the loose ends of yarn to create one long string and secure the end with a knot. Now it's time to enjoy your matching pom pom set! 

I looped the charm around the handle of my vintage tote and secured it wth a loose knot that allows me to remove the charm when I'm ready. 

Isn't this matching set adorable? Now it's your turn to DO IT YOURSELF!  I'd love to see your version so be sure to @ me on social media too! Happy Friday!