Hi Darlings! I had an activity-filled day on Sunday starting with a quick SoHo stroll for burgers, fries and rice pudding, a trip to Coney Island for some fun in the sun and snow cones, then a Soca party where I danced the night away (until I got really sleepy at 9:30pm, lol)! What a day, what a day! 

I also posted a handful of vids and pics of my day on Snapchat and Instagram (IG stories too) so be sure to follow along for all the fun! 

It's no secret, I love summer days and more importantly I love to let the girl in me play! I think it's so important to schedule consistent play days in your life, especially as women.  A play day is simply that; a  special time dedicated to having fun in a child-like manner. We can get pretty busy with our grown-up lives and never imagined the independent, stay up late, do whatever you want adult life would entail not so glam activities such as feeding yourself, waking up early to get to work or paying many adult bills. I strongly believe in taking a break from a busy lifestyle to do something you enjoyed as a child. Sometimes I color, ride my bicycle or produce a full-fledged music video in my room to Beyonce's Ego. This "music video" usually involves sequins, heels, a scene rolling across the bed with me singing, "I got a big ego, such a huge #RetroAlterEgo! I walk like this 'cus I can back it up!"  It's my time to relax and be silly. 

Speaking of egos, Mildred (my #RetroAlterEgo) decided to do a little playing herself while at Coney Island! Click through to see her latest threads and how you can recreate this retro play-day look for your next summer outing. 

Mildred wore a retro-inspired romper from Tara Starlet; a shop that creates "nostalgic clothes for modern women." Unfortunately this one is no longer available but they have some other cute options and sometimes bring items back, so take a browse. I also linked to a few alternatives in the widget above.

Mildred dressed up her nautical striped print retro romper with a pair of matte red bouquet circle sunglasses, starfish and tortoise stud earrings, a 1960's vintage navy woven straw & vinyl box purse, a mix of vintage & modern bangles, navy espadrilles and classic red lips. 

We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
’Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
Well, they’re no friends of mine

Can you guess the song for these lyrics?

Except you ❤️ !

Now tell me, how have you been spending your Summer? I want to hear about all the fun things you've done and welcome suggestions, especially ones that involve ice-cream 🍦✨. 

💋 - Mildred & Krystle