Let the countdown to New Year’s begin! It’s been quite an interesting year and as we prepare to usher in a new one, I want to take a moment to say thank you to all who’ve supported my creative endeavors in life, here on the blog as well as on social media.

I re-embarked on my creative journey back in 2015 after going through a pretty difficult period in life and through my challenges and pain I grew even closer to God and listened. It was time to put me first, time to get back to my creative work & time to pursue my purpose! I'm still on that journey, listening and following God’s plan and feel grateful to have you all along on this journey with me. 

 I know the holidays can be tough for many but and if you’re going through any difficulty in your life I want to encourage you to hang in there, it gets better. Hang in there even when you feel lost. Get closer to God and listen to your instincts because it’s in these very moments you are able to re-ignite yourself and build your strengths. Every experience is a lesson! 

I was getting in touch with the creative desire inside of me...because that had been an innate desire in me as a child.You know, you find this little light in yourself, and then of course you lose it and you have to refind it. I mean, that’s part of finding our place of belonging.
— Sue Monk Kidd

Now with that said, I want to close out the year on the blog with a fun, sparkly DIY! This shoe DIY is perfect for your New Year’s/Old Year’s celebration and I guarantee you, everyone will be asking where you got them from.

Last year I brought you DIY Tinsel Heels so this year I decided to play off that and bring you a heel embellished with tinsel pompoms & tassels. Now the question is, "Are you ready to Sparkle, Shine & Pop the Bubbly?" Yes?! Well give my easy peasy DIY tutorial below a shot and be sure to watch the full how to video at the end of this post 🎉✨🍾 . 



Find the position on the back of your heel to secure the tassel to and glue it into place. Ensure the tassel is centered on the heel and lands just above the ground without actually touching the ground. 

STEP 2  


Glue your first pompom right above the top of the tassel. Ensure it’s centered as well. You can use the back seam on your heel as a guide.



Repeat Step 2 with as many pompoms as desired. I chose to do a total of 3 on each heel. 

STEP 4  


Repeat steps 1-3 for the other heel & get ready to Sparkle, Shine & Pop The Bubbly 🎉✨🍾