Happy New Year darlings! How'd you spend yours? We planned a quiet evening at home but at the last moment changed our minds and attended a friend's house party and had so much fun. It was pretty frigid on New Year’s and the weather has been consistently cold in NYC so I haven’t been in the greatest of moods.

It’s remarkable how much the weather can affect your mood and in the Winter when darker colors are staples, I mix in pops of bright color along with textures to pep my mood up. In turn, I often get comments about how my outfit cheered someone up and put a smile on their face.

At the start of this site, I had a bit of internal back and forth about ensuring my blog didn’t promote materialism. I love fashion and use it as one way to express who I am as well as my creativity and I want the same for each and every one of you. I don’t want you to feel like you have to buy everything you see me share because that’s not my goal. I enjoy hearing stories of how you tried something new like a pair of tassel earrings or rocked a vintage piece for the first time after reading one of my posts but I also love hearing how you re-worked an existing piece in your wardrobe to create a fresh new look. 

It’s my hope that a spark is ignited every time you read my blog and you feel assured to express your unique self, going into the world feeling confident, bad ass and inspiring others to do the same!


I shot this funky fuzzy pink look when it wasn't as cold out and decided to finally share with you today. The entire outfit was styled around these super cute furry pom-pom earrings. When I spotted them online, I immediately fell in love because hashtag pink and hashtag furry pompoms. Also don't they look like mini ear warmers?! 

To keep my look funky & fuzzy, I layered a pair of summer sandals with fuzzy socks (a good way to wear summer sandals in the colder months) and rocked a fuzzy pink sweater and vintage tapestry box purse. I kept the funky vibe going with a pair of mom jeans, retro cat-eye glasses and pastel pink bobby pins in my hair.


p.s. I’ve shared two other bobby pin hairstyles on Instagram & recently included them in my Quick Tips & Tricks feature here.