Last night I got home from work, ate dinner, spent some time with Stef then began sifting through images on my laptop trying to decide what I'd post on the blog. I chose this look, shot in Aruba, and began uploading the images. After that was done, I put fingers to keyboard since we no longer put pen to paper and was stumped!

What should I write about? I had no clue and wasn't feeling any of the concepts that came to mind so I ate some kettle corn, closed the laptop and got ready for bed. This post was not making it to the blog today, or so I thought. 


I woke up this morning and began my usual morning routine when my phone buzzed. When I checked, I received a pleasant text message from a fancy friend of mine sending me love. How thoughtful was that? Isn't it amazing what a simple message or gesture of kindness can do?

In the same vein, I sent a similar message to my family and shared a quick video on IG wishing everyone an easy breezy Wednesday. We all lead lives full of ups and downs and it's important to be easy on ourselves, kind to others and always express gratitude. 

So here I am, on the train headed to work,  typing my thoughts and preparing to publish this post all because my Fancyfied sister sent a lovely text message. Thanks Fancy! 

Now, I encourage you to continue this expression of gratitude through an act of kindness. Send someone a thoughtful note, wish them a good day or even bring them a cup of tea or coffee when you get yours. 


It's super windy in Aruba and getting these shots weren't as easy as they look! Thanks to my fave photographer and Instagram hubby for being so patient in the scorching sun. We shot a bunch of looks this day and he was such a trooper! 


Last but not least, thank you for reading. My blog is one of the outlets I use to express my inner thoughts and share my gifts with you. I'm grateful to God for the vision and creative mind he's blessed me with and I never take it for granted. I'm very happy to share it with you and I'm super grateful for your support!