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Last night I got home from work, ate dinner, spent some time with Stef then began sifting through images on my laptop trying to decide what I'd post on the blog. I chose this look, shot in Aruba, and began uploading the images. After that was done, I put fingers to keyboard since we no longer put pen to paper and was stumped!

What should I write about? I had no clue and wasn't feeling any of the concepts that came to mind so I ate some kettle corn, closed the laptop and got ready for bed. This post was not making it to the blog today, or so I thought. 

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You've probably been told you need a LBD (little black dress) in your closet and I'm all for it, but I'm here to let you know you need a LWD (little white dress) as well. Yes you do!

I'm all about bold prints and bright colors but a white dress is also one of my closet staples, especially during the Spring & Summer months. I love how refreshing white is after the dark & cold Winter months. Crisp, bright white provides the perfect backdrop for colorful patterns, tropical prints and bold accessories.

Continue reading to get this LWD and more, just in time for sizzling Summer days!

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