Two weeks ago, Stef whisked me away to Aruba to celebrate my 30th birthday, tropical-style! Yes, #KrystlesVintageThirty was in January but we're celebrating all year long (Beyonce diva-style) and it was time for #KrystlesTropicalThirty

If you can't tell by now, I LOVE Flamingos! F to the L to the A to the... okay we might be here for a while if I continue. Seriously guys these beautiful pink birds have a special place in my heart, yet I'd never seen them in person, until now!

As you can imagine I was elated arriving to Flamingo Beach and today I want to share some fun shots from the first day I met them. I wore this flamingo swimsuit because my children should never be confused as to who their true mother is (insert crazy flamingo lady hashtag) and yes, Yes, YES, I fed them! You guys, I could cry at how beautiful my children are. I know every mom says that but this mama only speaks the truth. They're absolutely stunning, calm and collected like mom and their radiant feathers are an alluring mix of bright coral and white. Swoon!

When you're done reading this post, be sure to head to my Instagram to see an exclusive video clip of my babies. Happy Flamingo Friday!