IMAGE SOURCE:  Lauren Fletcher

IMAGE SOURCE: Lauren Fletcher

Hello everyone! Today I'm so excited to share my first culture and style piece with you. I wrote this article for Aphrochic.com to highlight & discuss the history of the headwrap as a cultural symbol. I’ve been noticing the rise of women wearing headwraps even on catwalks and wanted to review and provide perspective on its historical context with the goal of maintaining it's meaning

Kindly click here to read the full post over on Aphrochic's site and let me know your thoughts! 

With so many years of history behind them, headwraps are far more than a fashion trend. Like jeans or a wrap dress, they are an enduring part of the style landscape, and more importantly, a symbol of a tradition and a people who both remain unbroken to this day. 
— ~Krystle DeSantos