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I was recently asked why I describe my taste as eclectic and my answer leads back to home.

As many of you know, Guyana is home to me and is a diverse country often referred to as the land of six people which includes people of Amerindian, African, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese & European descent. I am mixed and grew up embracing and celebrating a wide range of cultures that are a part of my Guyanese heritage. My heritage is reflected in my eclectic taste and more than often directs my choices in style and decor. 

I plan on sharing a more detailed account of Guyana’s history in a separate post but until then I hope you enjoy yet another glimpse into my culture and how that’s shaped who I am. 

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This year I challenged myself to make some different ornaments that reminded me of home and incorporated my culture. African culture makes up large part of who we are as Guyanese and I wanted a group of bright, colorful ornaments made of African Dutch wax prints. These prints have an amazing history that spans continents but even more their vibrant colors and stunning patterns have, for many of us, become the epitome of West African design.

Head over to my post here on's Home section to get the full tutorial 

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 I've been missing home a lot lately and thinking of all the things I'm yet to do there. I was too young to travel alone when I lived in Guyana and unless my mom or sisters were going, I wasn't. Not even with friends because Mom was not about the "my friends are going, why can't I?" life.

I moved to New York when I was 18 years old and my trips back home are usually spent with family and friends leaving very little time to explore. Needless to say, there is still so much for me to experience in Guyana!

Well what does that little tidbit have to do with my outfit? Where are the coconut trees and mangos Guyanaese gyal?

Continue reading to find out.

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Hello everyone! Today I'm so excited to share my first culture and style piece with you. I wrote this article for to highlight & discuss the history of the headwrap as a cultural symbol. I’ve been noticing the rise of women wearing headwraps even on catwalks and wanted to review and provide perspective on its historical context with the goal of maintaining it's meaning

Kindly click here to read the full post over on Aphrochic's site and let me know your thoughts! 

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Hello darlings! How's your summer going? I've been taking some time to enjoy beach days, fresh summer fruits and lots of ice-cream. Summer is my favorite season in the US and that's not too surprising since I grew up in Guyana. Guyana is located in South America and is the only country in the region with English as it's first language. Our culture is very much Caribbean even though we're located in this region. 

Today's Style & The Bar Cart post is dedicated to my home country! I decided to capture the tropical essence of Guyana and our love to entertain and have a good time. A good Guyanese party is filled with plenty delicious food, nuff rum and music to mek you wine to de ground.

Continue reading to see how you can create your very own Guyanese Mangoes & Macaws bar cart for the summer!

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