To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
— Audrey Hepburn

I utterly enjoy a few things in life; laying on a beach, eating ice-cream, vintage shopping and spending time in a garden! There is something about plants that make me feel alive, peaceful and at home. I come from a family of plant-lovers and my mom had an extensive garden when we were growing up with numerous types of plants, fruit trees, flowers and even vegetable beds.

My mom's love for plants came from my Grandmother who would often bring some new type of plant and give it to my mom to grow. She would say "Joan, look ah bring this piece of plant for you." Oftentimes the piece of plant was from some stranger's yard. If my grandmother saw a plant she liked, she'd stop and ask the owners for a piece and if they weren't around she would sneak and break off an unnoticeable bit; taking it home to re-plant and grow. I wish she were still around to ask her why she loved plants so much.

Mom keeps that tradition of plant giving alive and often brings me a small plant for my apartment. Recently she gave me an aloe plant she's been growing for me and I'm trying my best to keep it in good shape. Every-time she comes over, she tells me I need more plants in the house and that they're good for the air and will keep me healthy. 

Speaking of health, I recently read a post from my fellow blogger of Thoughts Caught In My Fro about self care and the love of plants and couldn't help but think of my Mom again and agree with the sentiment of that post. 

Mom with a backdrop of plants back home in Guyana  

Mom with a backdrop of plants back home in Guyana  

As a child I remember my mom constantly tending to her plants in our backyard in Guyana. She would be there from about 5:30am until it was time to take us to school and as I've gotten older, I realize how therapeutic this probably was for her, especially during very difficult moments in our lives. I don't think she even equated plant care with self care. Caring for plants requires you to be patient, perform acts of kindness and slow down. These actions are frequently performed in solitude and are all good things for the soul. 

I'm developing my green thumb and it's a work in progress as I'm no where near mom's level. Sadly, I've killed a few plants of my own but I'm learning and mom never stops giving me advice and most importantly never stops giving me plants. One day I hope to continue the tradition of plant-giving to my future children but in the meantime I'll try to grow my best indoor garden and spend warm days outdoors among God's gift to us. 


My look was garden party-inspired. I bought this vintage dress last year in Philly and for the life of me cannot remember the name of the store. It's an 80s pastel number with a floral pattern. The highlight of this dress for me is the lace up detail in the back. I added my tropical-glam panache by accessorizing with my vintage mother of pearl cockatoo necklace, vintage celluloid pineapple earrings, vintage tiki hut purse embroidered with raffia hibiscus flowers and orchid heels. I have a separte post coming about where I got the heels and can't wait to share with you! 




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