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The holidays are here and unlike last year's tropical theme I'm ushering in the season with a classic Christmas color palette of red white and green. Whenever I think of these colors I immediately think of so all the things we love about the holidays; Christmas trees, holly branches, peppermint candy canes, mistletoe, eggnog, Santa and so much more.

Although I decided to bring some classic holiday style to the blog I decided to do it with a twist by wearing this vintage poppy print Summer dress. I picked up this lovely number off Etsy at the end of Summer and even shared a sneak peek with you on in my Instagram stories. Quite a few of you loved it and expressed excitement around how I'd style it. Well the wait is finally over and today you can see how I put together this look for Christmas in bloom! 

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Spring is my second favorite season and every year I look forward to its arrival and renewal of all things beautiful. After several cold and dreary months, there is nothing better than fresh blooms, greenery & the chance to wear sandals. Spring provides hope of hot Summer days to come and just the thought of being sun-kissed gets me giddy.

With only a few weeks left until the official arrival of Summer, I want to share this pastel-hued look with you. Pastels are usually popular this time of year especially with floral prints while tropical prints tend to be reserved for Summer. This look intersects the two seasons perfectly; combiing the soft colors of Spring with patterns reminiscent of a tropical Summer on the islands. It's the perfect mix for a Caribbean gyal such as myself.

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