About a year ago I came across a pretty vintage lipstick holder while shopping and was elated to add it to my collection of holders. The gold matched well with my other pieces but I knew I wouldn't be too happy when I got home. 

Why, you ask? Well, I'm not very found of how my modern lipsticks look in my vintage holders. I even have a little trick I use to get my modern lipstick cases to look vintage (I'll share that DIY later) but I was longing for modern ones that already had a vintage appeal to them. 

I looked  around online at a few of my favorite brands as well as in my local drugstore but nothing filled the void I had in my vintage lipstick-loving heart. Nothing until I came across Bésame Cosmetics.  

Bésame Cosmetics is a US based vintage-inspired luxury makeup company that offers beauty products described as "classic cosmetics for the modern woman."

Bésame has been making luxurious cosmetics inspired by the golden age of cinema since 2004 and what I love most is the lovely story of the owner Gabriela Hernandez, an immigrant from Buenos Aires who's "love affair with vintage beauty" coupled with her admiration for her grandmother's beauty routine led her to start this company. 


Holy vintage lipstick! The first time I went to their site I couldn't believe my eyes. The images of the golden cases twinkled and heart my skipped a beat. It was what I was dreaming of, so I did what any vintage-lover would do. I added 10 items to my cart!  I was so excited and the reviews were stellar but my inner voice spoke to me and directed  me to purchase with reason. I'd never used any of the products before so it was wise for me to get one thing to try. 

I reluctantly removed 9 items but kept the 1955 Exotic Pink lipstick. Besides my love for the color pink, I kept it because the description said it was a "bright bold flamingo pink from 1955" with a semi-matte finish. You know your girl couldn't resist anything that's flamingo pink and the fact that it was a 1950s color reproduction made it even better. 

If you're wondering what I mean when I say, "color reproduction", wonder no more. Bèsame actually reproduces the exact vintage colors that were made during the year indicated in the lipstick name and while I could write an entire paragraph about this, there is a video below that you should absolutely watch! It features an interview with Gabriela and her family and takes you through the process of how each lipstick is made. 

When my order first order arrived over a year ago I remember being so impressed with the packaging. Everything exuded vintage glamour and looked stunning in my vintage holders. The actual shape of the lipstick is angular and the packaging indicated this was  to help with lining of the lips. I'm a minimal makeup gal so this two in one feature was right up my alley.

I used my Exotic Pink lipstick as described, lining my lips with the angular edge and filling it the rest using the flat side. I was blown away by how smooth the product felt on my lips and the fact that one application was enough for intense flamingo-pink coverage. I liked the semi-matte finish a lot and how hydrating the lipstick was. It stayed on all night even after a couple drinks and the short of the story is I became a #BesameGirl that night! 

Bésame' lipsticks are a bit pricier than some other brands but not ridiculous and I think they're well worth the spend due to their rich pigments, long lasting finish and pretty vintage-inspired packaging. Not to mention they're cruelty free, made in the USA and a woman-owned business. 

Since my first purchase (over a year ago), I've added other shades to my collection and they've become one of my absolute go-to lipsticks. I even travelled with them on my recent vacation and like how nicely they hold up even in the heat. 

I just ordered some new lipsticks but check out a few of the shades I wear frequently and let me know if you decide to try add a little modern- vintage glamour to your makeup routine. 


1941- Victory Red  


1955 - Exotic Pink 


1969 - Dusty Rose


1931 - Carmine