Happy Monday Darlings! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a jam packed but fun weekend and wanted to quickly pop on the blog to share how I gave this simple bodycon dress some va-va-voom retro appeal. 


Stef and I had a little brunch to celebrate our Valentine’s and I wanted to keep it simple yet sexy! After all, we were celebrating lovers day. Before I jump into my outfit details, let me give you a quick overview of where we went for brunch, including the good and not so good. The restaurant is Peruvian and called Baby Brasa. I've had this one on the list for some time mostly because of all the banana leaf decor (can you blame me?) and this weekend we finally decided to give it a try.

It's owned by Franco Noriega’s who was once a Dolce & Gabbana model and now well known for his shirtless cooking. We made reservations ahead of time and were promptly seated. We started off with cocktails, delicious ceviche and a side of live music and were pretty happy. We placed our brunch orders, I got the steak and eggs with yuca fries and Stef ordered the brunch burger. Our meals took about an hour to come and while we felt as though that was long we were enjoying each other's company and forgot to inquire. When our waiter finally brought our meals out we were excited not to mention very hungry. The presentation was good but our food was not hot. It was apparent our meals had been sitting out in the kitchen before they brought it to our table. Stef's burger was warmish so he proceeded to eat it, hungry man style but my meal was not the best. My steak was still a bit warm, so I figured I could make it work but they gave me sunny side up eggs when I ordered them over medium and my yuca fries had not a trace of heat left to them. Have you ever tried a cold yuca fry? No bueno!

Anywhoo, I immediately brought this up with the waiter who indicated that they didn't do the eggs the way I wanted so he'd take it back to the kitchen. A few mins later, he comes back with my exact meal and said the kitchen said they actually did my eggs over medium and that was the way they were. I was confused and it showed on my face. He promptly offered to get me a new order of eggs however the yuca was still cold so I asked about that and he said he'd get me both a new batch of eggs and yuca and he wouldn't charge us. The way he said it  was as though he was doing us a favor by not charging for their error so I quickly corrected him told him I wouldn't expect to be charged and expressed how disappointed I was after looking forward to dining at Baby Brassa. He apologized and in the end he brought me a new side of eggs that were perfectly over medium along with hot yuca fries.

We finished our meals which were actually quite tasty but due to the mediocre service, we skipped dessert. I also noticed a majority of the staff crowding around the order screen on the wall trying to fix something so I'm not sure if that was the reason for the lackluster service. Overall, decor was cute, food was tasty but the service was lacking. Maybe if the service improves, I'll give Baby Brasa another shot but for now I'm not eager to return. Now let's jump into outfit deets!


I recently picked up a few fun pieces from Forever21 and decided to rock this $15 cherry print dress for brunch. The cherry print and tie-front detail already gave the dress a bit retro flair so I decided to play that up and styled with a complementary cherry & polka-dot print turban headband, a pair of red heart cateye sunnies, pearl flower ring, thrifted white bangles, leopard heels and pearl drop hoop earrings.


I used a Betty Boop retro TV lunch box as my purse and it’s actually one of my absolute favorite style tricks. I even did a roundup here for you a few months ago if you want to get your own! 


p.s. I chose to wear my pearl drop-hoop earrings as a play off Betty Boop’s classic gold drop hoop earrings. Boop-oop-a-doop!