Hello Darlings! Me again with the very first edition of Style & The Bar Cart for 2018! Are you as excited as I am? If you’re not as familiar with this series let me give you a very quick overview. 

Style & The Bar Cart is a creative production that combines my passions (style, decor, vintage & DIY) to serve as outfit and occasion inspiration for the modern-vintage girl who loves to entertain in style and prefers cocktails over wine. 


I launched this series back in 2016 with my mid-century modern inspired bar cart from Target and this year I want to bring you even more content, so I’m  committing to delivering an entry every quarter. That means every 3 months you’ll get a new cart for a special occasion! Whoohoo!

Alright, now that you have the rundown let’s jump into today’s Galentine’s themed bar cart. Wait, Galentine's? The term has become very popular over the years and in case you need a thorough explanation, I'm linking to 23 reasons you need to celebrate it! 


I came up with the concept for this rosy bar cart last year but it was well past Valentine's so I decided to hold off until this year. I knew I wanted a pretty 50's style rose-print dress so I started perusing Etsy and came across this beautiful stripe and rose print dress from PrettyBluEyesVintage. I got it at the end of Summer and have been waiting ever since to wear!

I kept the look girly with polka dot bow heels, pearl accessories and a vintage purse that looks like a flower pot. Adorable, right?! My earrings and necklace belonged to my Grandmother and even though she's no longer here with us, I'm celebrating her memory as part of this Galentine’s by wearing them. 


I kept the cart simple and sweet by serving bubbly, chocolates, strawberries and shortbread heart cookies. A good tip when putting together the cart is to always offer non-alcoholic beverages for those not interested in having a cocktail or bubbly. 

For the backdrop, I used gold stripe washi tape, which is a Japanese masking tape, to secure a mix of roses and baby's breath to the wall. Taping them with an "X" pattern secured them pretty well but I also went in at different spots especially on the multi-bud stems. The good thing about using this tape is it won’t peel off the paint on your wall.

I bought a few bunches of flowers and ended up adding the leftover buds to a medium size mason jar for a pretty arrangement. 


Now it’s your turn to re-create this bar cart and be sure to invite your best gals over for a happy Galentine’s celebrating each other. 

p.s. You can totally do this for a romantic Valentine’s as well!