Truth be told, this look wasn’t meant for the blog. I planned to shoot a couple Valentine’s looks this weekend for you gals but was feeling a little low on energy ( I think I need to beef up my intake of iron & vitamin D) so I decided to just relax. Relaxing and doing nothing can be challenging for me because I always want to use my extra time when I’m not at work to create content. When I don’t, I have so much internal dialogue of all I could’ve done and end up feeling like I wasted time. Do you ever feel that way?

I recently listened to a podcast with Oprah and Brene Brown and they talked about the importance of not always being on and needing time to recharge. Easier said than done but I’m working on it, especially when it comes to my mind because boy oh boy, that thing can go nine knots an hour (as we say in Guyana). 


Anywhoo, this look was actually a result of Stef asking me to quickly pull on something so we could go grab a bite. I was FaceTiming with my sister and niece when he buzzed and had to scurry to get ready. On the way out, we stopped to capture a quick pic for the gram and right after I sent a few to my family’s group chat. We like to see each other’s outfit of the day and will usually exchange looks in the chat. They immediately loved the look and my sissy said, “I thought you were quickly pulling something on to grab a bite.” Before I could answer she laughed and said “Oh, I forgot who I was talking to.” Because of their response, I decided I’d post a couple of the images here on the blog. 

This was my idea of a quick casual outfit y’all 🙈and I promise it’s super simple to put together.


It started with my cute peachy-pink heart sunnies and I built from there, adding a complementary ribbed bodysuit, sequin collar, pearl stud earrings, vintage denim overall dress, pink pumps and my flamingo printed purse. Basically jeans and a t-shirt status, right?! 



p.s. You can pick up my exact sunnies for only $5 by checking out my recent Valentine's gift guide