Happy First day of Spring! I wrote this post on Friday when it was 39 degrees and I’m over the weather. They’ve told us Spring arrives in March but I’m giving them the ill side-eye and longest suck teeth in history! Warm weather is no where in sight but let’s not lose hope, or so I keep telling myself. 

I have a tropical mind, body & soul (also the title for my debut R&B album), after all I grew up in Guyana with an average low temperature of 75 degrees so you can imagine my bewilderment during the cold months here in NYC. But here’s the deal, no matter how much I fret, I chose to live in NYC so I suck it up and also try to go on vacation during the Winter. Unfortunately, I can’t stay on vacay so when I’m not traveling to a tropical paradise, I’m always on the hunt for tropical-inspired places in NYC. It’s not only my favorite choice of decor but also helps to keep me happy because once I’m inside and away from the elements, I can pretend I’m where my heart truly belongs! I can imagine I’m back home in Guyana, even for a little bit. 

Now, I know I’m not the only one like this so today I bring you 10 tropical-inspired restaurants in NYC that will be sure to help you escape the elements. I’ve shared them on my Instagram before but never did a roundup on the blog so here goes (in no particular order). Oh, a few are only opened during the Summer months but I wanted to include because they’re nice. 


Gilligan’s at Soho Grand Hotel  

Opened only during the Summer months, this tropical getaway in Soho is worth the trip. If you loved watching Gilligan's Island in your younger days, you'll be sure to love the nautical & tropical decor. Be sure to try the Frozen Watermelon Margarita! They don't take reservations and get crowded so get there early! 


The Happiest Hour

They had me at Flamingos in their logo! Modern, tiki-inspired and undoubtedly good for happy hour, this one is sure to quench your thirst and craving for a burger. Try the Lucy and Rickey cocktail and enjoy a moment in Paradise. 



Another one that's only open during the Summer. Sabbia which means Sand in Italian will def transport you to the seaside. Food and drinks are delicious! Be sure to take a peek at the oyster boat and don't forget to look up! 


 Playa Betty's 

Inspired by the Cali coastline, this one serves up tasty tacos but I go for the guacamole that comes with a myriad of toppings (including pomegranate seeds) that you mix in yourself. My favorites are the bits of habanero peppers. I always ask for extra! 


The Champagne Garden at The VNYL

A dope 70's inspired lifestyle space with multiple floors for everything from dinner to dancing and in between. The Champagne Garden is my favorite room boasting banana leaf print, pink sofas and groovy tropical wallpaper. My girls and I did a night out for my 30th birthday and it was fun. Get the Banana Boat cocktail


Mother Of Pearl

With a touch for Tiki, food that’s all vegan and decor that melts the heart be sure to stop in for a beautiful cocktail and bite. I’m yet to try the Matahari Julep which is made with Guyanese rum!



Located right above Mother Of Pearl, equally as beautiful and also Vegan. This Cuban-inspired restaurant has the prettiest decor including vintage cigar boxes that I wanted to DIY into purses. Go on a Monday night for Live Jazz and be sure to get the Jungle Bird cocktail! 


Tiki Tabu 

Fun and casual with a nice view of the city. This is another cool tiki spot that's great for a chill evening date or after-work libation. 


Broken Coconut 

A recent but tasty discovery thanks to my work pal Marie who took one look at this spot and rushed to text me about it! Broken Coconut serves up healthy, pretty and delicious meals that’s sure to make you feel like you’re on a beach. Be sure to sit in the swing against the tropical wallpaper for your next IG pic. It’s only right to do so! 



Now, I know I said I'd be listing places in no particular order but I saved one of my absolute favorites for last! I mean come on, this one has been around since the 80s and is covered in one of my favorites; “Martinique” banana-leaf wallpaper!!! Fun fact, that’s how I found this spot. Food is French-Vietnamese and delicious! Try the ribs or fish but go for the vibe and definitely the wallpaper. 


I hope you enjoyed this roundup! Better yet leave a comment to let me know if you did and if you’d like another roundup of places. I have more but didn’t want to overload this post with too many all at once!