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Yaaasssssss!!!! I turned 30 this month and had a blast doing so. I planned on sharing this post sooner but between all the birthday celebrations and work, I had no time to do so until now.

Honestly, I'm super tired and have a ton of work to complete for LinkedIn, and some things to tend to for Mom so I'll keep this post short and sweet on the words and heavy on the images. I have another piece I want to share with you but will do so when I'm not trying to do 100 things at once. 

Now you're probably wondering why Krystle's Vintage Thirty, so let me explain. If you couldn't tell, I LOVE VINTAGE. Now besides my deep love, something usually becomes vintage after about 25 years, so I waited 5 more years after turning 25 to ensure I was in the clear. I don't actually think this refers to people but hey, it's my birthday and I make my own rules, damn it! Now even a Vintage Thirty wouldn't be complete without tropical flavor, after all my name is Krystle DeSantos! Now let's dive into some of the images from my 30th birthday weekend. 

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